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vodafone: If you wish to call the customer service, please dial this free phone number (click to call from mobile)

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Vodafone Group is a telecommunications company that offers landline, mobile phone and high-speed internet connection. Thanks to its suscreibers and its revenues, Vodafone is the third-largest telecommunications company in the world. It is heardquartered in Newbury, in Berkshire, the United Kingdom but it is present more than 30 countries distributed around every continent.

Vodafone was founded in 1983 when Racal Strategic Radio Ltd formed a joint venture with Millicome. A new company named Racal Vodafone appeared of this union. However, Vodafone didn't get its current name until 1991, when Racal Telecom broke free Racal Electronics. Its first director was Gerry Whent.

Nowadays, Vodafone's executive director is Vittorio Colao and its Chairman is Gerard Kleisterlee. Vodafone has more than 147 millions of customers throughout the world. Besides, in 2012 the company had more than 48 million euros of earnings.

Vodafone Australia phone number

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13 respuestas a “Vodafone”

  1. Hillary Chandler dice:


  2. TONY PARK dice:

    Been a customer with 5 phones for 15 years. Never enough staff to answer phones in a reasonable time. Passed from department to department. Regularly do not recognise my mobile number so I go round in circles try to speak with a human………time for a change?????????

  3. TONY PARK dice:

    Another screw up. New phones ordered 5 weeks ago on a 1 – 2 week lead time still not arrived. What a crazy disjointed mixed up system.||||||

  4. TONY PARK dice:

    Ben on the phone to different people for 15 minutes so far. No body knows what is happening or when my new phones will arrive. I have had a text to say the trade in discount will not apply because I have not returned the trade-ins………..I can’t until you send me the new phones!

  5. David Cleaver dice:

    On 31st Dec ’14, a 3 year contract was taken out in my name by an unknown person, details of which I received thru the post . This contract was not placed by me !! What security / bank checks were requested when the contract was taken out , none I suspect, as bank details do not match name / address on the contract VERY POOR VODAFONE

  6. stephanie bratcher dice:

    Please could someone ring me i was promised £5. Calling credit and 500mb of internt on the 1st of january and not receved it. i called 2 days ago waiting foir an aodvser then no replie. i have lost points and internet please ring today

  7. Nina Trehn Khanna dice:

    I want a refund of£5.53 which was taken from my credit but I’ve made no calls or texts, I’m not on the internet on the phone neither did I subscribe to any downloads or games on my phone, so why does this keep happening 5 times to be exact?

  8. ROLAND dice:

    fglad im not with voda phne cant get customer services without paying and service is crap

  9. Jen dice:

    voderphone customer service are rubbish got me to order new phone said it would be delivered next day arrives3days later didnt send me a text to let me know it was coming when it does arrive it will be going straight back and I will go somewear else very dissapointed !!!

  10. Mrs bradshaw dice:

    My 15 year old son is with vodaphone! It’s a nightmare every month when we top up! We press the right the options but it never works!!! So I’m now going to leave vodaphone have his phone unlocked!! It’s an awful service u just spend half your time waiting!!. Disgraceful !!

  11. Annette Williams dice:

    i have received a bill I wish to ask about yet I can get no joy from trying to phone so called customer care can you help?

  12. Sadem dice:

    Fuking rubbish waste of time. Pricks

  13. 07824539344 dice:

    Been waiting for my refund since December 2014. I would NOT go back to Vodafone ever again. Untold problems and promises that were never kept. Very quick to take your money out each month, but takes half a year to get a refund!! Very poor.

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